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Our Application Features

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Cloud Compatibility

Every software are available here cloud base. That's why you can make backup in you local computer.


Security is very impotent part of a business. So, you will found multi level user policy for for security reason.

On-Time Delivery

Every ready software we can delivered within 1hour and customize software will be depended from your demand.

Smart shop management system (POS)

Smart shop management system with POS is a PHP/jQuery based web application that allows you to manage your sales and stock. Application has Easy POS system for faster billing.

Improved Stability & Performance

Application can be ready to install on local computer or on server with easy installation process.

Quality Verified.

It's really quality verified from each customers.

Complete Source Code & Database

After purchase the pack you can change some feature for source code.


We will help you to Install & Free support

Online Redio

Now you can listen to radio stations on the go. Mark your favourite station, and listen whenever you want. This is the best ever app on play store.

The Ultimate Education Management System for School, College, Institute & Academy

Managing various administrative tasks in one place is now quite easy and time savior with this Dinisoft and Give your valued time to your institute that will increase next generation productivity for our society.